History of Eagan Orthodontics

  • eohistorysidebarphotos1952 - The late Dr. John P. Eagan graduates from Meharry School of Dentistry (Nashville, TN).
  • 1953 - Emma Louise Eagan (Mom Eagan) graduated from Meharry Medical College (Nashville, TN).
  • 1955 - The late Dr. John P. Eagan began practicing in the state of Michigan, becoming the state's first African American orthodontist.
  • 1955 - Emma Louise Eagan (Mom Eagan), the wife of Dr. John P. Eagan, becomes Michigan's second African American Dental Hygienist.
  • At the age of 10, Dr. J. Victor Eagan began working at Eagan Orthodontics.
  • 1983 - Dr. J. Victor Eagan graduated from the University of Michigan.
  • 1991 - Dr. J. Victor Eagan received his Orthodontic Specialty Degree from Howard University School of Dentistry, graduating as valedictorian.

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